Wednesday, 5 August 2015

After six years with the pentagram as my medicine wheel something new begins to establish itself
The SunWheels work has changed over the years as I have
This time comes with new energies and the old leaves
The ancient rituals are ending now
We are heading into the new
I and the SunWheel are in the new
and so is my work and my way of acting and being
different now
Welcome to meet me

Saturday, 1 August 2015

A little greeting from the new Earth to us with the earthquake on wednesday
This full moon, she takes over for real

Strong and free, and ready to act

Her brother holding her lovingly
The new Heaven

They give us so much

A new section of the game is formed

Venerate them as they should be venerated
Go conscious steps now
because the old leaves now
The shift is here
All you do brings you forward on the road
Everything will be changed
Nothing will be the same

Atlantis disappeared in the sea
Where is our world going?

The white buffalo walks over Earth
Collecting those who see and those who want to see
The stars are active again
Free and united
Holding Earth and Heaven
The blue and the red one are reborn again

Do not think this does not concern you
All Earth's children are affected

Try not to understand with your intellect
Try to feel inside yourself because there lies old knowledge that leads you right

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The end of an exhausting and strong period
Now all is landing again in the new
New opportunities new forces
Broadly now not small draught anymore
Freedom in a new way
for better or worse
Live consciously!

Start looking for the White Buffalo
He's out there for to link people and beings worldwide
All will unite in the work for the new coming
All even those who will not see the new this time
All even those who do not want to see, and those who do not dare to see

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Religions at the center around the globe
and what a mess they cause in the name of religion ... the humans

Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, etc.
All are fighting against all and mutually against each other
Every one has the truth booked directly
Every one judges
Every one shall have power over others
Every one shall think of themselves first
Every one kills innocent peoples
Every one rapes, wounds and maims

Sometimes they do it in the name of religion
Sometimes they do it just on order
Then they forget that if they are believers there are orders that are standing above human officers
Sometimes I think they do not even think but going to their temples, their sacred house one day and out and kill next day
Sometimes they even think their God / Gods are on their side in the war - or so they pretend they do because it feels better

People build their own reality
Religions are created by people who conveyed messages
Given to people for to have a path to follow
A guideline
Those were the prophets then,
those who had so good intentions,
those who saw and those who heard,
those who gave the rules and guidance,
they did not enact war or even world war.
They did not want humans to be raped and mutilated
They did not want innocent people to be murdered
They did not want their words to be abused and distorted, to give one or a few people earthly power and wealth

Yet it has become this way, and yet it has been so for the past millennia on Earth
Yet it is still a fact that people do not dare to feel into themselves,
do not dare to criticize,
do not dare to push away those in power in the name of religion,
do not dare to see that religion has been corrupted,
do not dare to trust their own judgment

There is no need for an intermediary to talk to your God / Gods
There is no need to give you an interpretation
You can find right and wrong in yourself
You can love instead of hate,
take care of instead of ruling over
listen to instead of judging
make peace instead of discord and war

It is that your religion, like all others, have tried to show the people
based on the culture, the time, the paradigms and the conditions that the religious founder, during that particular time and in that place has had

It is time to take responsibility for your actions

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Light and the Sun and the Moon
The Stars

We are on our way and the situation on Earth is about to complicate
We will reach out for all the people being in charge
We will reach them all
In the end they will listen
We can't stop trying to make them listen
Continuo our mission on Earth

Yes, it is strange
You're right
But what is stranger then this times happenings on Earth?
It is strange that your people do like they do to each other
Strange hating each other
Strange to forget your own future needs
Strange to tread your children like your enemies
Strange to disturb their future live resources
There are a lot of things strange for us looking at you
But you think it is strange that we from outside cares?
Yes, we do and we do it nor less then we know our own people and loved ones on Earth, trying to help your species to survive and to develop
No, it is not strange the Ellen is writing this on her side
Not at all
That is her mission
Writing to you, reach out for you, make you listen
No, she is not more weird then anyone else on this planet
She just lives the way she is
She just is the one she is

Listen now!

We will find a way to reach out
We will find a way to submit our messages to mankind
Listen to yourself
You know all the answers all the meanings of this, all hope and all anger, all love we send
You know it
Now it is time to comply with what you have known for so many centuries
Mankind is on its way to destroy his own history and change it into legends once again

Atlantis is a memory not a legend
But this times Atlantis catastrophe is right about to happen
The new time is about to form the end of the old time

What will you do about it?
How should you react?
You know it
You, reading this, giving this so much time that you reached this letters,
you will know what to do

Find your inner peace
Find your trust
Find the meaning in your actions in light
Don't condemn
Don't judge
Try to do your best all the time,
with love and affection for all beings on your planet,
with love and affection for whole your planet and her future

The new Earth is on her way
The old one is tired and sad
She is loving and caring too
Just give her your love and kind thoughts
Just give yourself all your love

You are in a living situation that contains great pleasure in some parts on Earth
and great cruelty in some other parts on Earth
Think about humans
Think about that you are one
Act with each other like brothers and sisters,
like parts of the same wholeness
Find your inner peace

The time is now to change you and become yourself

Monday, 1 June 2015

A sick world that is reflected in the newspapers and on TV Nobody reacts?

Consider the idea that you are looking at the Earth from a ship and checking the news
You see what humans do to each other
What they do to their children
What they do to other beings living on the same planet
How they make war against each other in the big contexts and the small ones
You see how they treat their planet
How they are destroying the conditions for their own survival
And you understand the driving forces behind everything
Selfishness ...

You shake your head turn your ship and glide away
There is sadness in your heart
On the way home you try to understand
You realize that it would take a long time for humans to even understand the seriousness of their situation in life
To make them to treat each other as equal would take a very long time
It would take even longer to get them to act for their own survival's sake
To long for most of the humans
To long for their planet
The good thing is when you think about the changes that are on their way now
Not because it will be easy the nearest future but because there is certainty that it will change everything
It will go fast

Thursday, 21 May 2015

People have to have poison in the food because it is cheaper to produce it then - money

We - both adults and children - have small boxes with us all the time so we can communicate but also they have so much radiation that they are a health hazard - for the values ​​adjustes for the producer's needs and not for the needs of human bodies

Children's well-being is given low priority for the sake of money all the way from the one-year old left in kindergarten from 7 am until 6 pm - for the sake of money -
to school children who can not get support for there are no "resources", i.e. people who can help a child who can not manage by her own and / or is lost - for the sake of money

The green lungs of our planet are devastated - no, not just the rain forests - our own forests too - all over the globe
Yep, even Swedish forests are forests, my friends, and even those provides us with what we need to have to survive - but it is possible to make money on them ...

The list could be long ...

Money is always the highest priority
Be honest!
Certainly we need money to manage in our societies
Sure, sure ... yes I know
I am living here too
I need to eat and has family too
... but we can prioritise humans

We can make choices in life that takes power from the system
We can help each other

We have different roles in society
There are those who are sitting in positions who require responsibilities in a different way
Those who can go out and speak up
They actually are heard
They actually influences
And then there are those who may feel that they are not heard and not seen and have no opportunity to influence
Everything we do has an impact - not least on ourselves and our loved ones
Everything we feel and think affects and changes the environment

Change the view of life
Change the way you see the Earth and the humans

Imagine all this here is a dream
Nothing is impossible in a dream - right?
You can do exactly what you want to
Just like that, you can change
Everything you do affects everything
The butterfly in Japan, you know - it flap his wings and things happen around
Throw a stone into water and you will see that there will be circles 

No, it does not matter how small the stone is
What matters is that it is thrown in

Choose a stone that you can carry and so throw it into the water of life
It will make ripples on the water
It might even be big waves thanks to your stone who knows ...